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Products : Biogas Plants

NextGen has developed an in-house an urban biogas technology for 'Organic waste to energy applications'. The biogas plant has been designed specifically for urban needs, keeping into account the factors like reliability, hygiene and aesthetic values.

IT Parks, SEZs, universities, housing complexes, hotels and others across India are using NextGen's biogas technology for efficient and cost effective waste disposal. The biogas plant can be designed to process waste right from 25kgs/day to more than 50tons/day. The plant can take in variety of inputs right from food waste to garden waste to human waste. The gas so generated can be either used to substitute LPG or can be used to produced electricity*.

*Electricity generation is viable only for plants having a capacity of more than 10tons/day of waste input.

Advantages of NextGen Biogas Plant

  • No Moving Parts
  • No Power Consumption
  • No Water Consumption
  • Underground- Less Space
  • Landscaped with Surroundings
  • Odour Free
  • No Exposure to Flies or Pests
  • Modular for Further Expansion
  • Simple Maintenance, very low downtime
  • Excellent monitoring mechanisms
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